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I am a creative and detail-oriented Full-Stack Software Engineer experienced in building web applications for small and large businesses. With 6 years of experience in the logistics field, I have discovered the lack of quality tracking applications needed for this fast-paced industry. This led me to my current path and passion to create technologies for businesses that have fallen behind in the new tech based world. As a freelance agent, I have provided clients with a user-friendly interface for their business using Javascript, React, and Node to reflect the company's brand. I am now seeking to join a company with a global reach and work with a team to provide my skills and follow my interest in helping businesses update their systems.


My Skills


My Projects

Node.js, MongoDB, RestAPI, Passport, Tailwind

One Stop Freight is an application designed to be a new modern way of communication for agents in transportation and freight forwarding companies to track and communicate transportation schedules within different deparments within the company.

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Calendly API

Belmont listing is a webiste used for promotion of a real estate listing by a Realtor. Site includes ability to view lisintg photos, book appointment with Realor for showings, and contact for any additional questions about the property. Increased listing viewings by 60% compared to past listing by the same Realtor.

JavaScript, Node.js, Express, RestAPI

Federation Field Guide to Alien species on Star Trek. Input your favotire alien species and receive key information about them. Utlized MongoDB as database for storing the API implimented by Express, Node.JS and JavaScript.

JavaScript, Node.js, NASA API

Educational NASA exploration site that provides pictures directly from NASA's offical website based on the day chosen. Created with understanding of API documentation provided from NASA as well as implimitation with JavaScript.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Burger restaurant with a full page expanding menu to navigate towards different pages. Static website built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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California: Los Angeles, CA

Website MazeBuer.com